From Discord
MythicGirl is a hard working manager. She is professional, efficient, kind and on top of everything provides real value to her work. It has been wonderful working with her, huge vouch.

Kimono/Leo M

From Discord
Out of all people I've dealt with over the past month MythicGirl has definitely caught my eye with her professionalism and good work ethic. If you need an affordable manager, you've got yourself the perfect choice.


From Discord
MythicGirl is very effective and hardworking. Very warm and easy to talk to, knows what she's doing and is great at it. A true prodigy.


I have been in the business of helping server owners and others do what they don't always have time for. When things don't go as planned I can handle Damage Control to ensure things are settled properly. You tell me what you expect or need and I can ensure that duty is handled.

Middle Woman

Don't take my word for it, do your research there is a rise of scamming on MCM and other platforms. At a time like this, I can help ensure both parties get what they bought/sold. When the products are sent to me I send the goods to the correct party.

Discord Setups

We all know setting up Discord servers can be very tedious. But don't worry I love to solve problems like this so you don't rip out your hair!

About Me

My name is Katrine but I go by MythicGirl, I am 17 years old and I'm from Denmark GMT+1. Through the community of Minecraft I’ve taken multiple challenges and some of them weren’t as easy as I thought, through-out those challenges I believe I have gained access and developed certain skills and attributes.  In many cases a multilingual person can be fruitful, in which I am capable of speaking 5 languages fluently. I try to provide a good services, if not the best amongst the community and always try to strengthen my skills to adapt, upgrade and achieve reputation upon advancing.

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